Year 3 International Week

This week at school, it has been International week.

To begin International Week we all brought in our homework. It was to research our own heritages and present them in a poster type format to the class. The effort that was put in was astounding. The research, pictures and facts about each and everyone’s family was so informative and we loved learning about different cultures. Thank you to everyone, including parents who helped.

Miss Sutcliffe decided that our class would be focussing on Germany. We have been learning so much about this European country. We now know the major cities in Germany as well as the different football clubs, famous people and brands we all know from Germany. We have also learnt about the schools in Germany and that the school day is shorter than ours; the children also need to provide all their own stationery, unlike us at St. Aidan’s.

On Wednesday we were able to sample some German delicacies. This included frankfurters, salami, pretzels, German cheese and chocolate. As you can see from the photographs, these went down really well and every single person thoroughly enjoyed them. We will definitely ask our parents to visit the German supermarket, so we can try all the goodies again.

And to finish the week off, we learnt and sang an Italian song, which Miss Sutcliffe will share with the schools from our Erasmus + partnership. After all this learning we are certainly ready for our holiday next week. Have a wonderful time everyone.