During our topic this half term ‘All About Me’, we have noticed that the children are incredibly interested in camping.

Today, we decided to explore camping and spend a morning at Forest School.

First, watched ‘Blippi goes camping’. Blippi searched for insects and other outdoor objects in a forest. He then found a place where he could empty his backpack and pitch his tent. Blippi really enjoyed opening up his sleeping bag and jumping inside! He then sat around the fire pit he had made and decided to make ‘S’mores’. ‘S’mores’ are toasted marshmallows sandwiched between digestive biscuits and chocolate!

We wanted to make our own ‘S’mores’, so we headed up to Forest School to get started!

We safely sat on wooden benches around the fire pit whilst Miss Megson lit candles in the fire pit. We each put a marshmallow onto the end of a skewer and toasted it on the fire. We sandwiched the warm. gooey, marshmallow in between digestive biscuits and chocolate and took a bite. Yum! Once finished, we all enjoyed a warm hot chocolate around the fire. Whilst drinking, we could hear birds flying in the sky. We could see white birds and brown birds. Some of us said we could hear the birds singing.

In class, we made a campfire picture using our handprints and brown tissue paper.