Money pouches

In Design and Technology this half term, we have been planning and designing a money pouch. In our first lesson, we were able to examine Mrs Bullerwell’s selection of purses and identify the different features that we would like to include in our own design. In the following weeks we used the purses to assist in the size, shape and use of the purses that we would like to create. We have considered the material, colour, clasp, design, accessories and importantly the seam to join the edges. We were able to do this to the mm which was very impressive. After all the planning and preparation, it was time to begin thinking about the sewing stitches we were going to use for the seam. We decided the running stitch would be the most effective so we practised the stitch on binca fabric. We used our fine motor skills to guide the thread through the eye of the needle and then made a knot in the end to ensure the thread didn’t come through the fabric. As you can see from the pictures all the children completed the task with ease and the confidence in their own abilities grew with every stitch. Parents you now know where to go if you need any old socks darned, your children are experts. Well done Year 3.