Interhouse Sports day Summer

Yet again, we had a wonderful interhouse sports day this Summer Term.

Our children enjoyed a day filled with sports and rewards this term. They have been competing in interhouse sports this year and earn points for their achievements throughout the days. These points are collected and verified by our experienced team of judges (the teachers) and then contribute to the final sports day score… so sports day has – in effect- become a year-long event now.

We were engaged in activities such as skipping stars, ran by the very experienced Gale Robinson, along with basketball beatbox, tennis triumph, mile or marathon, boxercise events and more! It was a day filled with activities to promote gross and fine-motor skills for our children.

Finally, we had the opportunity to stretch our PE curriculum further as children went on to study athletes in their ‘start athlete’ session. This term we focused on Paralympians whose achievements are often some of the most impressive and amazing sporting feats. In all it was another great day promoting our competitive nature and engagement in sport.
Many of our children are excited to start the next interhouse day and potentially earn sporting medals for their engagement, resilience and communication skills. In our final event day (on sports day) we will be celebrating the Commonwealth Games, this year held in Birmingham.