It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer…

This half term in Nursery we are learning all about Summer.

We have took parts in lots of Summer activities across the week and we still have 6 weeks left to go until the holidays. We are always so busy!

As part of our writing assessment, we followed a picture Miss. Pegram had drawn of the seaside, where we created our version. We drew the sun, sea, sand, buckets and spades and lots of birds flying in the sky.

On the Art table, we made crabs out of card, red paint and sticky eyes and created collages of fish out of different coloured pieces of tissue and gum paper.

Our tuft tray was transformed into an “under the sea” theme where we used fishing rods to fish for magnetic fish and other sea creatures.

One of our favourite areas of the classroom to play in this week has been the home corner. We dressed ourselves in pretty dresses, sunglasses and sun hats and filled up our bags and suitcases to go on an airplane to our holiday!

Outside, we have enjoyed lots of water play with our friends. We made cold, summer drinks for everyone to enjoy on these warmer days that we have had recently. Whilst outside, some of us were so proud and very excited to show our teachers how we can write the “t” sound, that we had been practising in our phonics lesson.

We are all looking forward to the rest of this Summer half term in Nursery!