Year 4 discovered lots at the Discovery Museum!

Year 4 had a fantastic day at the Discovery Museum. After a pleasant walk across the River Tyne spotting lots of landmarks, we were delighted to finally reach the museum.

We began by exploring the many exhibits within the museum. First, we learnt about the history of Newcastle which took us on a journey through the city from the Roman times to the early millennium. We then learnt about Tyneside’s industrial, maritime and military past with Working Lives, The Story of the Tyne and Charge! Finally we explored the world of science in the interactive Science Maze. 

After our delicious picnic lunch, we headed into our Electricity workshop and learnt lots about the history of the light bulb, which was invented in the north east by a scientist named Joseph Swan. We learnt about circuits and the components that make up a circuit. The children explored making circuits with bulbs, buzzers and motors. We then made human circuit and discovered the different conductors and insulators of electricity before finally making our own torches with an LED light.