It’s a Cool…Cool Summer!

WOW! How fabulous has the sunshine been for us all this week?! Nursery have had so much fun taking part in lots of Summer themed activities.

On Monday, Mrs Spoors and Miss Pegram made sand dough for the children to use in the play doh area. The children enjoyed the different texture of the dough, creating beach inspired masterpieces with shells and stones from the beach.

On Tuesday, we made ice lollies. We put 200ml milk, 1 can of condensed milk and a handful of fresh strawberries into a bowl, then blitzed this in a blender. We then used empty yoghurt pots to pour the mixture into, before placing in a lolly stick and freezing until the following day. When it was snack time on Wednesday, we enjoyed the lollies in the blazing hot sunshine with our milk. We had to eat them quick though because the sun was melting them! They were delicious!

We have also had lots of fun playing in the water area with our friends. The cold water has helped us stay very cool all week. We painted the wooden house and made potions out of mud, water and other Forest school objects.

The children have also enjoyed playing swing ball, which made Mrs Spoors, Miss Pegram and Miss Greenwell think back to memories years ago when we played this!

We are excited to play, explore and learn new things in the coming weeks before we break up for the Summer holidays.