Goodbye Year 4, Hello Year 5!

This morning in school, it was St. Aidan’s transition day! The children who are currently in Year 4, transitioned to the Year 5 classroom, along with their new teacher Mrs Bullerwell and new Teaching Assistant, Miss Greenwell.

We had a lovely morning getting to know each other, asking lots of questions about Year 5 and about each other.

Together, we also came up with our new Year 5 rules, that we have each signed a contract for, that we will stick too. Some of our rules include; know your boundaries, give others a smile, always try your best and be resilient. Our handprints, that form our contract, were then placed in a flower shape and our class photo and rules will be included in and around the flower.

We are very excited for our new chapter to begin in September after our well deserved Summer holiday.