Holy Island

On Wednesday 19th June, our annual Year Six trip to Holy Island had eventually arrived. We loaded our luggage onto the bus and joined our friends from St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas. After arriving and getting settled into our dorms (we even had to make our own beds and put duvet covers onto quilts) and had our lunch., we completed an island treasure hunt. We got to see some of the landmarks and scenery of this beautiful island.

Later that day, after a well deserved dinner, we joined our friends from the other school and completed a night walk of the island. The night walk actually lasted 2hrs and 37 minutes, not that anyone was counting! We were definitely then ready for bed, at least some of us were.

The next morning we were up and ready for our breakfast, tidied our dorms before heading out for our next adventure. We held a reflective liturgy on the isolated St Cuthbert’s island. This is where St Cuthbert was said to have lived for part of his solitary life.

After lunch, we headed to the harbour for our much anticipated boat trip. This took us around The Farne Islands, where we were lucky enough to see seals, puffins and gannets. Some of us felt a little queasy, but luckily no sea sickness.

Next we watched the very unentertaining England match and then ventured to the beach. We humanely searched for crabs, St Cuthbert’s beads and enjoyed spending time together in this special place.

Friday it was home time and some of us were very tired. We were looking forward to seeing our parents and carers and getting back into our own beds.