This half term, Reception will be submerged in a diverse range of folktales, including fairy tales and fables. Children will broaden their knowledge of these tales and the moral stories attached to them. These stories will act as a vehicle, leading down pathways of learning opportunities within the prime and specific areas of learning.

This week, children entered the world of The Three Little Pigs. They travelled to the forest where the Little Pigs lived. They visited the straw house, stick house and the house made of bricks. Later, Reception visited the waterfall, which the wolf ran to cool himself down from landing in the pot of boiling stew.

The actors performed the classical tale.

The builders built a house made out of bricks.

The authors used their literacy skills in writing a recount of the story.

The artists created pig faces.

The medical staff treated the Three Little Pig’s Friends in the fable medical centre.

The puppeteers performed a retelling of folktales.