Christmas Activities

During the last week in Nursery, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of Christmas activities!

When it was very cold last week, we noticed that the tray outside with water in had turned into hard, thick ice! There was even a car and mini shopping basket stuck inside! We enjoyed breaking up the ice, freeing the car and basket and feeling how cold the ice was.

This week, we made a start on our Christmas cards, calendars and tree decorations for our family and loved ones at home. Some of our creations are personal, where we have used our tiny hands and fingers to create. We thought this would be a lovely touch for families to keep as we grow into bigger children! We are also a class that absolutely loves using glitter! We have also enjoyed stacking the plastic ice blocks in class to make ice walls. The blocks have different materials inside, such as; wooden sticks, sequins and cotton wool. We like to turn the blocks upside down so we can see the materials sliding to the bottom!