RE – Noah’s Ark

In our RE lesson today, we learnt about a story from The Bible called Noah’s Ark.

First, we re-capped our knowledge of books that are special to us. We then looked inside of our Chatterbox and found lots of different animal masks, an ark and a Bible. The children then predicted what they thought the story would be about. Some comments included:

“I think it’s going to be about animals.”

“He will put the animals on the boat”.

We then told the children that we’d be learning all about Noah’s Ark. We watched a video online about the story and then discussed and re-told the story as a class. Some comments included:

“The rainbow was my favourite part”.

“Then the water came.”

“There’s 2 zebras.”

The children then made their own Ark out of wooden blocks and planks whilst they played outside, using animal masks to act out each character. On the writing table, some of the children also coloured in their own masks.