PSHE – Bodies

In our PSHE lessons this half term, we are going to be learning about our bodies.

In our first lesson, Jenny Jigsaw asked us if we knew the song ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. We jumped with delight because it is one of our favourites! Together as a class, we sang the song and copied the actions. Our heart was beating very fast at the end because we were moving our bodies faster and faster each time we sang! We found out that this is called exercise and exercising is vital to us living a healthy lifestyle.

Next, Miss Bannon wanted to know how much we already knew about our bodies. One of the children lay on a large sheet of paper whilst we drew around them. The children then labelled the body with features they knew. Some of the features included; hair, eyes, nose, fingers and feet.

The children then designed their own person using an outline template, where they could draw on the features of a person and draw on their clothing.