Maths – Capacity

In our Maths lesson this week, we have been learning all about Capacity.

Our first activity was making sweet and delicious lemonade! First, we washed our hands, then began cutting some lemons in half. These lemons were then put into a bowl and left to the side. After chopping, we squeezed the lemons very hard into a bowl, making sure all of the juice came out. Some of our comments included:

‘It smells very sour.’

‘The lemons are slippery.’

We were able to do this brilliantly because of all of the dough disco lessons we take part in each day! These lessons strengthen our fingers and hands! We then added sugar into the lemon juice, before topping it off with cold water. Our juice was then ready to be put into our summer jug before serving to our friends. When the liquid was inside of our jug, we noticed that the jug was full. As we served our drinks, we realised that the liquid was decreasing. We then learnt that when the liquid reached half way, that this was called half full. Once there was no liquid left, we said that the jug was empty.

Our second activity was to make some play doh. We have made play doh so many times before in class, it is one of our favourite things to do! The children used spoons to fill up 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt. This was then added to our mixing bowl where we noticed the cups were then empty. We then added in 2 sachets of cream of tartare, before Miss Greenwell took the mixture away to add 2 cups of boiling water, mixed with oil and food colouring.