RE – The Ten Lepers

In RE last week, we listened to the story “The Ten Lepers”.

We learnt that, as Jesus was travelling to Jerusalem he came across 10 lepers. The men had a horrific, sickness disease called leprosy. People in villages didn’t like lepers near them because it was such a contagious disease. When the men saw Jesus coming, they said to Jesus, ‘Jesus, have mercy on us’. Jesus said to the men, ‘Go show yourself to the priest’. As the lepers walked away, they were healed and had leprosy no more. One day, only one of the lepers came back to thank Jesus for healing him. Jesus wondered where the other nine men were and why they hadn’t returned to give their glory to God. Jesus said to the one man, ‘Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.’

This story showed us that it is always important to keep faith and to thank people around us for what we receive in life.

One of the children’s activities was to act out the story with their friends. They then made thank you cards on the writing table and discussed what they were thankful for and why. Some of our comments surrounding our parents, friends and teachers at school were:

”Thank you for your hugs.”

”Thank you for making me food.”

”Thank you for taking me to the park.”