Grace Darling Museum

Year 2 had a wonderful time visiting the Grace Darling Museum. We looked at some artefacts and recalled lots of facts about the historical event in the Museum. We then visited Grace Darling’s memorial in the grounds of St Aidan’s Church. In Art, our topic is ‘Fun At The Seaside’ which is all about Zoe Emma Scott and her paintings of the seaside, so we spent some time at the beach, thinking about what we can see, hear, smell and how we feel. We also had a lovely time having lunch with our friends. We then looked for some objects at the beach, ready to use for making fossils in our Science lesson. Finally, before getting back to the school, we all got an ice cream, which was what we needed to finish off our fabulous day. Miss Ho, Miss Dunn and Mrs Newton are extremely proud of the way our children represented our school as even members of the public commented upon our fantastic behaviour. A huge well done Year 2!